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Torso Booster

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Fashion design, 100% brand new, high quality


Comfortable to hold

The handle of the 8-word power device is covered with a layer of NBR material, which is soft and comfortable to hole for long time.

Easy to operate

The 8-word power device is easy to operate, no complex process and other tools requirement.


The 8-word power device can effectively help you to practice your chest muscle and arm muscle, convenient to exercise at home, office, gym and so on.

Two resistances of spring available

There are five resistances of spring available for you to choose, including 5kg, 10kg,15kg, 20kg and 30kg, sufficing different needs.

Scope of application

The 8-word power device is widely suitable for student, white collar, adolescent, the elderly, fitness enthusiast and so on.


10kg is suitable for female / young athletes / elderly people, it improves the flexibility while exercising the arm.

20kg is suitable for fitness people who have certain requirements on arm strength.


Quantity: 1p c

Material: ABS + NBR + steel



1* 8-word power device